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O2 Broadband DNS problems - of their own making?

Like most punters hooked up to the new O2 ADSL 2-Plus broadband service (up to 24 Mbps down and up to 1.5 Mbps upstream) I experienced some DNS failures yesterday and today.

The DNS lookup failures (opens in new tab) mean that, when you key in a Web address, or click on a page route, the browser returns a `page not found’ error, though clicking on it again usually does the trick.

I rang the O2 Broadband support number, only to be stymied by the security procedures the script jockeys use on the service.

And all I wanted was a network status check - thanks a bunch guys.

So I hopped over to the Think Broadband forum (opens in new tab)and discovered that there was a known problem on O2 Broadband’s parent Be Internet network.

But the problem is made worse by the fact that Be Internet’s DNS servers use adjacent IP numbers. (opens in new tab)

This means if one segment of the IP network goes down, both DNS servers are almost certainly going to go out of service.

Good planning or what? From what I understand, Be Internet (and therefore O2) is the only ISP to use this unusual (don’t you mean crap? -Ed) approach to DNS resilience.

Mind you, there could be other ISPs equally as silly…