BBC demos new Beta Website

The Beeb has released its brand new beta website without fanfare. The new page can be found at BBC is a full working model which could literally be deployed overnight.

The team of developers, headed by director of User Experience & Design, Richard Titus, managed to widgetised the front page of BBC completely, a move that mimics the like of Netvibes or iGoogle's homepage.

By allowing drag and drop functionality to be built in, the homepage becomes easier to manage by making much better use of space - as compared to the existing BBC home page which is optimised to be viewed in 800x600 screen size.

Users will be able to change the way and content of the information they would consume, all in a framework that is heavily inspired by web 2.0 aesthetics : large fonts, soft colours, gradients, round corners etc.

As Readwriteweb pointed out, "The new design also places a greater emphasis on search, making it more apparent how to find what you're looking for, by placing a larger search box in a familiar place on the page."

First comments have been overwhelminglt positive, "a vast improvement over the existing one" said Mervyn, one of the hundreds of web users who tried it.