Bermuda’s Royal Gazette hit by DDOS attacks

I was intrigued to see news reports over the weekend that the, the Web site of the Bermuda newspaper of the same name, was hit by multiple DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks last Thursday.

Under Bermuda law, if tracked down, the culprit for the attacks could face up to five years in clink and up to $20,000 in fines.

Bill Zuill, the newspaper’s editor, has gone on record as saying he is disappointed about the attacks, which are taking place during the last days of the General Election campaign, when readers are keen for the latest news.

Zuill told reporters that the paper does not know who is behind the attacks and it would be dangerous to speculate.

“We do think it originates locally because it would be hard to see why a hacker outside Bermuda would have an interest in doing this,” he said, adding that it is depriving Bermudians at home and abroad from the right to be fully informed on the issues of the day.

Although I’ve yet to confirm it, I do remember reading that Bermuda’s Internet infrastructure is a lot smaller than that seen in the UK and other European countries, effectively making a DDOS attack a lot easier to engineer.

But that also makes the task of tracing the origins of the attack a whole lot easier as well…