LG intros ultra secure USB drives

These days, USB drives are capable of much more than just storing data. Take for example the new Vaccine USB drive, launched by Korean firm LG Electronics.

Once plugged in a USB port, the drive monitors incoming traffic for malicious code in real time.

The USB drive comes with a free two year license for the preloaded software after which the customer will have to fork out a fee for updates and upgrades.

The second product LG launched is a biometric USB drive with preloaded software that allow data to be read only with the right fingerprint or password.

The drives are small enough and have capacities of up to 8GB; pricing has yet to be released although it remains to be seen whether it will be competitive with other similar offers on the market.

Pretec, Sony and A-Data are amongst the many manufacturers that have released low cost fingerprint USB flash drive.

As for the antivirus and malware protection, there are a number of free applications like Clamwin Portable which can keep your computer free from malware.