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Seasonal Spammers Going For Wii

Unscrupulous spammers from around the globe are targeting those parents who are frantically trying to get their hands on this years must have Christmas present, the Nintendo Wii.

A UK based anti-spam company has today revealed that unscrupulous spammers from around the world are targeting UK parents who are frantically trying to get their hands on the Nintendo Wii.

The research from ClearMyMail has also revealed that spammers are demonstrating their ability to quickly react to consumer demand as spam relating to Xbox consoles has decreased whilst Nintendo Wii related spam has increased by 120% since November.

Speaking about the statistics Dan Field, Managing Director of ClearMyMail said, "Not only are spammers trying rip the British public off with spam emails that try to find out their bank details but now we see them targeting parents with emails containing promises of this years must have present the Nintendo Wii."

He continued, "In all reality the spammers will just take your money, deliver nothing at all and also probably try to infect your PC with a virus".

Anyone who receives an email from an address they don't know that claims they have access to Nintendo Wii consoles should delete the message straight away.

Désiré Athow

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