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Internet Explorer 8 Beta on track for launch in 2008

Digital Inspiration reports that Microsoft (opens in new tab) will get the first Beta of Internet Explorer 8 ready within seven months and it will be known as Windows Internet Explorer 8.

In a move likely to hit at Opera, Microsoft has also announced that IE8 would fully support web standards and has already passed the Acid standards test which determines whether a browser respects these standards or not.

On the 13th of December, Opera (opens in new tab) filed an antitrust complaint with the EU commission, arguing that Microsoft did not provide customers with a genuine choice of stadards-compliant web browsers.

In a post published on Wednesday 19th on IEBlog (opens in new tab), Dean Hachamovitch, the General Manager of IE showed that IE8 rendered "the "Acid2 Face" correctly in IE8 standards mode."

DIgital Inspiration also found out that webmasters will be able to add a flag to their website to allow IE8 to switch rendering engine when needed; this means that sites which were coded for IE6 or IE7 won't suffer any problems when viewed under IE8.

It is not known whether IE8 (opens in new tab) will be a Vista only download or whether it will be compatible with more ancient platforms as well.

Désiré Athow

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