Mozilla gives Firefox 3 Beta 2 to wanting crowd

Mozilla has released the second beta of its browser, Firefox 3. The release comes a few weeks after the first beta was launched and shows that the Open source rival to Microsoft's Internet Explorer is preparing for a build up in 2008.

Microsoft has already announced that the eighth version of Internet Explorer will be released sometime in the first half of 2008 and Firefox 3 is set to debut in 2008.

The development team has apparently fixed over 330 memory leaks and the browser appears to be snappier than the existing version.

Beta 2 also brings better password management, a brand new download manager with resumable download feature as well as a smart location bar feature which looks in saved URLs to come up with a list of proposed links.

There's also an effective top level domain service which ensures that only one domain has access to saved cookies.

A test showed that FF3 is not compatible with a sample of existing plug-ins although this is bound to change at release.In other news, Opera, the other alternative browser, has released version 9.25 of its Opera browser which addresses a few security issues.