T-Mobile team up with 3 on network infrastructure

Network operators T-Mobile and 3 have teamed together to maintain their pool of mobile masts.

The newly build company - Mobile Broadband Network Limited - is a joint venture which will plan, develop and operate the integrated access network.

The agreement covers only their respective 3G networks and leaves out 2G.

Three is the smallest independent player on the market and this alliance with T-Mobile will create a synergy capable of saving up to an average of GBP 200 million per annum.

The deal will mean fewer mobile masts and will boost the coverage of both networks which has been somewhat patchy.

It also means that they will boost offer mobile broadband connectivity to a whopping 98 percent of the UK population, the most extensive European HSPDA network at present.

There's also mounting speculation that T-Mobile will purchase 3 to become the biggest mobile provider in UK.