China's fraud bureau warns on e-tail fraud

It seems that the authorities in the West are not alone in being concerned about the level of fraud on e-tail Web sites, as China's Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) has warned online consumers to be on their guard against cybercrime.

According to China's National Police Agency, eight of the main e-tail Web sites in the country, as well as two major TV online shopping channels, were hit by hackers in the first half of 2007 alone.

The worst cases involved the theft of personal data from around 5,000 PayEasy electronic cash users, and the diversion of around HK$2 million (£130,000) into an alleged fraudster's bank account.

During 2007, the NPA reports that it handles almost 800 fraud cases every fortnight on its `165' anti-fraud phone line.

To stop fraud on e-tail Web sites, the NPA is advising Chinese consumers to change their online PINs regularly and ignoring `requests' from Web portals to change users' methods of payment.

Some good advice there that Western agencies would do well to issue to online shoppers over here...