New Hampshire firm claims hacker ran up $14,600 phone bill

US newswire reports suggest that a New Hampshire firm - Hexa Interactive Communications - is claiming that a hacker ran up a $8,700 phone bill on a single call to Saudi Arabia.

The Associated Press quotes Michael Bednaz, the firm's owner, as saying that the caller chatted for a total of 808 minutes - that's a long time on the phone -Ed - and that it was not one of his staff.

Ever helpful, AT&T is reported to be sueing Hexa for an unpaid $14,600 phone bill, which includes the call to Saudi Arabia and several other overseas calls apparently made by the hacker.

Bednaz, meanwhile, has pointed out that he doesn't use AT&T for his long distance and international calls, and that the calls were made at night when his firm is closed.

Needless to say, AT&T is reported to be continuing its legal action...