Second Breach Closure: Verus?

I've been fond of saying that no company goes under because of a breach. It used to be there was one exception, CardSystems Solutions. There now appears to be a second, Verus, Inc, a medical information processor that revealed information on customers of at least five hospitals. "Medical IT Contractor Folds After Breaches."

So that makes 2 out of 700+ incidents.

Alex Hutton has an insight into "breach impacts," which is that "B2B plays, esp. small niche players, are almost certain to be significantly impacted." I like the claim. It sounds like a testable hypothesis. I can think of at least one (a payroll systems company) that had a series of breaches, and seemed to survive. Are there other counter-examples? (Yes, survive is not a precise opposite of "significant impact.")

You can see Verus's web site at the Internet Archive. I wasn't able to find an investors page.

Incidentally, if Verus employees would like to cry in a beer and tell me what happened, well, Bellevue isn't far, I'll protect your privacy, and I'm curious enough to pay for some beer. Drop me a note.