Apple's iPhone update brings much needed updates

Gizmodo and a host of other websites have had a sneak preview at the latest iPhone firmware upgrade. Amongst the new welcomed updates are the ability to send SMS to multiple recipients and an updated version of Google's Maps application.

Pocketlint also found out that the iPhone refresh will also allow owners to move the icons across the home screen as well as being able to add web shortcuts on the desktop, a move that brings the iPhone closer to a desktop computer.

Another feature, which is US only for the time being, uses a triangulation method based on Mobile phone masts to come up with a pseudo GPS feature that gives the user his approximate position.

The firmware, which should come out by next week, will also lock previously unlocked handsets and will restart the round to get another crack as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, Matthew Key, the CEO of O2 Europe has announced that 200,0000 iPhone should be sold in UK by early January and that a 3G version of the iPhone will be launched this year.