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Chinese government takes a different approach on the West (allegedly)

Reports are coming in (opens in new tab)that a US-based Web server (opens in new tab)that hosts several hundred Chinese blogs - many of which report on the repressive nature of the regime in China - has been hit by a DDOS attack over Christmas.

The site - - apparently crashed big-time (opens in new tab)on December 24th and the operators are reportedly struggling to recreate many of the files.

Newswire reports quote Vincent Brossel (opens in new tab), who heads up the China desk for the `Reporters Without Borders' (opens in new tab)Web portal, as saying the attack on the Boxun servers has forced the editor to find a new ISP to host the service, as his original service provider was so unimpressed with the DDOS attack.

Which, of course, is probably one of the aims of the Chinese government hackers that (allegedly) attacked the portal in the first place.

Am I alone in finding this sort of behaviour by the Chinese authorities deeply disturbing?

Reports are already coming out of Beijing about the high-handed attitude (opens in new tab)of the authorities there to the homeless and other under-privileged members of Chinese society in the run-up to the Olympics later this year.

If, as appears to be the case, the Chinese government is behind the effective downing of the Boxun Web portal, then I hope Western TV news reports clearly highlight the fact...