Google to add social Network features to Gmail

Alex Chitu of Google Operating System blog delved into the code of the new Gmail service to find out that Google may be planning a continuous information stream, not unlike Facebook's own newsfeed.

The discovery indicates that Google will almost certainly use its Gmail account to drive forward its social network ventures.

According to a recent Comscore Media Metrix survey, Gmail - which account for one sixth of the traffic on - had 87 million users in October 2007, a full 64 percent increase on 2006.

That's still a fraction of Yahoo and Microsoft email accounts which each have more than 250 million users, but Gmail is the one innovating and is quickly catching up.

The GOS blog expects the updates to come from Google wide range of online properties - from Google Talk to Orkut and Picasa; all of which already have some kind of automatic updates/push data streams.

Mashable has been quick to point out that Google should be particularly careful about not making the same mistakes as Facebook or Gmail could become a goldmine for spammers and scammers.