Google tackles newspaper business with Print Ads

TimesOnline has learnt that Google is now planning to expand in UK, prompting calls by rival companies like ITV, that the search giant should be reined in before it is too late.

Google has started publishing adverts on a number of US newspaper titles.

Google Print Ads, which is a spin-off of Google Adwords, allows even very small businesses and traders to advertise on newspapers and has already gathered some steam in America.

Google Print Ads allow advertisers to pick a day, a page and a slot and bid on, with publishers then deciding whether or not to accept the proposal. Google would automatically benefit from a share of any successful bid.

The report did not go down well with the investors though with shares of Google falling by USD 11 on the last trading day in 2007.

Google is already the largest advertiser in United Kingdom with revenues of GBP 1.25 billion, up 40 percent on 2006, thanks partly to the fact that UK has one of the largest, always-on, broadband penetrations in the world.