Weave to bring Firefox users closer to web

With Weave, Mozilla has started to tackle the issue of duplicated and non-synchronised data that affects desktop bound applications.

Weave is a set of hosted online services that allows the users to increase their control over personal information and data.

Other services such as Google Sync or Foxmarks already allow Firefox users to do the same, however, Mozilla plans to integrate Weave even more and build an extensible architecture out of it.

Other alternative web browsers like Maxthon or Opera already have an online repository where the users can store personal data which can be retrieved and amended anywhere.

Unsurprisingly, Mozilla expects the service to be universally used, on any available platform. Obviously this raises the question of security and privacy, something that Mozilla will certainly handling carefully.

Weave is currently only available for Firefox 3.0 beta for all platforms and the initial roadmap which will provide Web service APIs to the developers, will come "Early 2008" according to a post on Mozilla Labs' blog.