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90 per cent of Indian cybercrime case investigations fail

Statistics released by the authorities (opens in new tab) in Mumbai claim to show that more than 90 per cent of cybercrimes investigated in India do not reach the courts.

As such, says one newswire, the investigations are effectively a waste of police and allied agency time.

According to the Cyber Crimes Investigation Cell (opens in new tab) (CCIC) of the Mumbai Police, the problem is that complainants back out of the investigation at the last minute, worried about a court case affecting their standing in the community.

The CCIC says (opens in new tab)that many cybercrimes relate to the creation of false profiles on social networking sites and, because of this, complainants are concerned about losing face if their foibles on t'Internet are revealed in public.

The problem with dropped cases, says the CCIC, is that it takes a team of at least four officers to work on a typical case with the average investigation taking more than a month.

Mukund Pawar (opens in new tab), a senior investigator with with the CCIC, is quoted as saying that, when the victim approaches the agency with a complaint, s/he is often not sure who might be behind the crime.

"But once they come to know about the accused, they tend to withdraw their complaint thinking it would be embarrassing for them to face people in society," he said.

Hmmm - I doubt that the UK Police would tolerate such a high level of prosecutions failing.

Oh, I'm sorry, they already do - courtesy of the Crown Prosecution Service (opens in new tab)....