Asus pushes next gen EEE laptop out of the door

Asus will launch a new version of its sought-after EEE laptop at the forthcoming CES Tradeshow in Las Vegas with rumours floating around about possible WiMax integration as well as Windows XP powering it.

Asus has already announced that it will hold a launch event with Intel - which provides with the processor and possibly with the wireless technology - and Sprint, a US Wireless Service Provider.

The forthcoming version of the EEE is said to come with 1GB of RAM and a 8GB solid state drive which should make it powerful enough to support a cut down version of Windows XP.

Industry sources are also betting on a larger screen - 8.9 inch being the most probable size - to provide EEE users with a more traditional SGVA resolution of 800x600 pixels.

The EEE has been chosen the most wanted gift for Christmas according to research carried out by

Whether Asus will increase the price of the laptop substantially remains to be seen as more cheaper EEE models trickle down online.