Big Blue snaps Israeli storage start-up

IBM has completed its fourth recent storage related acquisition after it agreed to purchase Isral-based Storage Area Network equipment manufacturer, XIV.

The five year old company's flagship, the Nextra, allows a group of storage appliances to be merged and seen as a single entity and estimates that Nextra is used to managed more than 4000 Terabyte of Data worldwide.

XIV will integrate IBM's Storage Systems and Technology Group and will help IBM strengthen its storage sector to fend off the competition from EMC.

Infoworld says that the deal has been valued between USD 300 and USD 350 million; In addition to XIV IBM has also recently purchased Softek, FileNet and NovusCG.

"The acquisition of XIV will further strengthen the IBM infrastructure portfolio long term and put IBM in the best position to address emerging storage opportunities like Web 2.0 applications, digital archives and digital media," added Andy Monshaw, general manager of IBM System Storage.