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Flash storage kills mini hard disk drives

The announcement that Hitachi and Fujitsu (opens in new tab) were going to close the production of miniature hard disk drives nicely dovetailed with another announcement that Crucial (opens in new tab) will launch a new series of 64GB Solid state hard drives in Q1 2008.

The two Japanese firms will stop production of 1.8 inch hard disk drives citing customer demand for more resistant and faster solid state hard drives.

This doesn't mean however that they will stop producing hard disk drives altogether; Hitachi is already prepping a half terabyte laptop drive and will probably refocus on a leadership contest on the desktop storage front as well.

Fujitsu has already announced that it will concentrate on flash based storage instead.

Meanwhile, Crucial will launch a 64GB solid state drive in Q1 2008. The drive will be integrated in laptops and will come with the necessary accessories for installation in a desktop computer.

Although Solid State drives still carry a substantial premium over classical platter-based hard drives, the fact that they are almost immune to vibrations and shocks, excellent read performance, combine with their power frugality make them ideal for high end, premium storage.

Désiré Athow

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