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Hitachi to launch half terabyte laptop drive

Days when laptops were seen as underperforming and obscenely priced versions of their desktop cousins are long gone as more manufacturers launch desktop-like components for laptops.

Hitachi (opens in new tab) for example will launch a 500 GB hard disk drive for laptops in February. The drive has a 5.5 ms average latency and a 12 ms average read time.

Asus has already announced that it will ship such a laptop as soon as the drive comes on the market.

The drive will also get some heads turning in the server and data centre market due to the space and power consumption savings.

Hitachi has implemented a Rotational Vibration Safeguard technology to make sure that the vibrations do not affect the good running of the drive.

Interestingly, the official press release quotes speakers as a possible cause of disturbance.

The Travelstar 5K500 will cost around GBP 200, three times the cost of a desktop version, but offers the tantalising possibility of having a laptop with a terabyte storage in 60 days or so.

Désiré Athow

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