Pay-up-or-lose-data malware makes a comeback

Sunbelt-software's Alex Eckleberry has discovered a new threat-wielding malware.

The Backdoor.Win32.Delf.ctk Trojan horse forces its victims to dial a premium rate phone number in order to get an activation license fee that will give them back their computers' control.

The victims can also send a text to an SMS number where they will be charged between USD 10 and USD 20 per text.

Computers that have been compromised display a pseudo-Windows error message: "ERROR: Browser Security and Antiadware [sic] Software component license exprited [sic], Surfing PORN, ADULT and some other kind of sites you like without this software is dangerous and threatens with infection of your computer by harmful viruses, adware, spyware, etc."

The premium rate phone number points to a website called which in turn points to Global Voice, a company that is located in the idyllic island nation of the Republic of Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean.

The company also seems to have affiliates in another African Country of Cameroon and Haiti.

Ramsomware also opens the possibility of having your privacy compromised and having one's computer hijacked and used as a Zombie.