Bebo way better than Facebook according to survey

The latest Computing Which? Magazine crowned Bebo as the top performer amongst social networking websites in the UK.

The website pipped bigger competitors like Facebook and Myspace with an overall score of 79 percent, five more than second place facebook and a whopping 12 points more than Myspace.

The magazine, which represents the leading UK consumer group which, tested ten websites including Yahoo Groups, Flickr and BBC Talk - which are not stricto senso social networking websites.

Abigail Waraker, the editor of Computing Which?, said: "Social networking sites are growing in popularity and, as the success of Bebo in our test shows, sites like MySpace and Facebook can't rest on their laurels if they want to stay in the game. It's also encouraging to see that no matter what age you are or what interests you have, there is a social networking site out there for you."

Saga Zone, a social networking set up for silver surfers by Saga group, got a special mention as the best site for discussion groups and best performance.

The news come after a recent survey by Ofcom, the media regulator, found out that British are the most social network savvy Europeans far ahead of continental Europe.

We spend more time on Social Networking websites than anybody else in the world, except Canada and 25 percent of the connected UK population logs on social networking websites at least 23 times per month.