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Say hello to MojoPac - your new mobile PC

As someone that lugs a variety of gizmos around to access t'Internet, I was intrigued to read about a new application called MojoPac (opens in new tab)that turns most flash memory sticks, hard drives or iPods into virtual PCs that can run almost any programs working under Windows XP.

The software is essentially an auto-boot add-on for the Windows XP-based PC the portable storage devices plugs into, and auto-saves the required data when you log off the host PC, as it were.

Once the MojoPac shell is (opens in new tab)created, users need to install their own software, just as they would do on a regular PC running Windows XP.

MojoPac's developer, RingCube Technologies (opens in new tab), reckons that most XP applications are compatible with its software.

What is incredible though, is that MojoPac is available for free on the firm's Web site (opens in new tab)of the same name.

The company has no plans to charge for its software and service, and even plans to develop a Vista-compatible version this coming summer.

Assuming you're masochistic enough to install the new Windows operating system, of course.

Have a great weekend everyone...