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South Korean military goes on alert after hacker attacks

It seems that the South Korean military has gone on official alert (opens in new tab)following a series of carefully targeted attacks from (allegedly) the Chinese military government.

Some newswire reports (opens in new tab)claim that the hacking attacks have successfully gained access to PCs operated by soldiers in the South Korean Army, although no military information has been leaked.

What's interesting about the situation is South Korea's military (opens in new tab) runs its own intranet that has limited interconnects with the regular Internet for Web and email access, but is effectively closed to direct external access.

The attacks are worth noting as South Korea has one of the highest penetration rates (70 per cent of adults) for broadband Internet.

The Chosun Ilbo daily paper also claims that the Chinese government quietly launched a military-led civilian taskforce called NET Force back in 2000, with the explicit intention of carrying out online attacks on enemy country networks. The paper claims that NET Force now has around a million `red hackers' at its command.

Of course, this could all be part of the propaganda war in the Far East, but as an editor of mine said some years ago, it's a damn good story...