Electronic data: you can sell it and have it

Mike Rothman has the unmitigated temerity to go on vacation and deprive me of his daily rant^H^H^H^Hincite, but not before remarking on the Certegy data loss incident:

So Certegy (a big check processor) loses a couple million records with information like bank accounts and credit card numbers. And Certegy's president gets interviewed and says because the data was sold to brokers and direct marketers, the information isn't at risk?!?!?

Now, I trust data brokers and direct marketers as much as anyone, but when information is obtained illegally (as this information is said to have been), what assurance is there that the thief won't sell it to anyone who will pay the price, not just nice people who will pay the price?

It's not like this is some guy fencing a stolen TV set.