Global Biometrics Database, Coming to Soon to You

Raiders News Network quotes an Interpol press release, "G8 Give Green Light For Global Biometric Database:"

MUNICH, Germany – G8 Justice and Interior Ministers today endorsed a range of vital policing tools proposed by Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble aimed at enhancing global security.

Secretary General Noble exposed the global problem of prison escapes of terrorists and other dangerous criminals not being promptly and adequately reported to police worldwide, thereby placing the citizens of all countries potentially at risk.

'Moreover, the absence of a global protocol on sharing vital information such as fingerprints and photographs of escaped prisoners, including terrorists, constitutes a serious threat to the safety and security of citizens worldwide,' he added.

Note the subtle use of the terrorist card. Note the utter lack of any mention of privacy, wrongful convictions, or the reality that refuseniks and dissidents will end up in the database, harrassed when they show up in other countries.

Don't worry, your national ID registers won't be checked against the database until computer power becomes a lot cheaper.