BitMicro to launch 0.832TB Solid State Drive

Storage firm BitMicro Networks will demonstrates what appears to be the ultimate hard disk drive at today's International Consumer Electronics Show 2008 show in Las Vegas.

It has announced that it will sell a 832GB (no typo here) version of its E-Disk Altima 2.5-inch serial ATA flash solid state drive; with volume shipping expected for Q3 2008.

BitMicro achieves this density by using multi level cell NAND flash memory and the company posits that the drive will reach sustained transfer rates of 100 MB per seconds and up to 20,000 IO operations per second; which puts it far beyond the reach of traditional hard disk drives.

But it is certainly the capacity which will make eyes roll; at 832GB, the E-Disk Altima is nearly seven times bigger than most of its competitors.

Rudy Bruce, BitMicro's Executive VP for Marketing and Sales said that "This latest product pre-announcement seeks to establish BiTMICRO’s commitment to deliver solid state storage in all market applications, We are excited to offer E-Disk Altima SATA flash solid state drive as a PC and enterprise storage alternative offering the best-in-class capacity, performance and reliability."

Obviously, such an obscene amount of Solid State Disk space will not come cheap; expect the E-Disk Altima to cost around USD 25,000.