Each UK child to have access to broadband internet access

Parents could soon be obliged to provide their children with high speed internet access according to a report published by the Observer.

The report which cites the Schools Minister, Jim Knight, says that he has been in talk with Microsoft, BT, Sky, Virgin and RM in a bid to reduce the digital divide between students that have broadband and those who haven't.

Microsoft though has already denied being "pressured" by Knight in an article published by The Register with a Microsoft Spokeswoman saying that they are only expecting an announcement this week at the BETT education technology trade show by the Schools Minister.

Part of the plan apparently includes helping the one million plus children who have no access to a computer at home, get one.

Whether this is the right thing or not to do remains to be seen; there are already several very cheap or almost free broadband packages with Carphone Warehouse's TalkTalk broadband being the most popular.

There's also the issue of knowing whether the broadband will be effectively used for educational purposes; the UK government could potentially grab a million OLPC laptops for GBP 75 million and give them free to those students but this seems highly unlikely.