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Indian police use social networking sites to track down raves

Newswire reports (opens in new tab)from India suggest that police there are using increasingly sophisticated searches on social networking sites such as Facebook in order to track down `raves' and shut them down.

Indian newswires quote the Cyber Crime Cell of the Pune police as saying that they will be using Facebook to track down invites to raves and other illegal parties in the area, and attempt to stop them before they have even started.

Interestingly, the Indian newswires say that, in the early days of t'Internet in India, cracking the forums used by ravers (is that the right word? -Ed) and the emails they exchange between each other, was too difficult.

However, now that everyone and their dog seems to be signing up to Facebook and other similar sites, it's reportedly a lot easier (opens in new tab)for police officers to infiltrate the local scene and track down the big raves taking place each weekend.

Pune's rural police, meanwhile, say that they managed to track down an illegal rave taking place near Sinhagad in March, when about 300 teenagers were arrested.

And presumably released later on bail?

C'mon guys, what's the pint of harassing kids who using Facebook to talk to each other?

Next thing they'll be installing the mind police as a means of keeping up to speed with what's really happening on t'Internet...