Internet on the brink of Fragmentation

Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are thinking of putting up a virtual iron wall by looking to create, in the long term, a Cyrillic version of the internet, controlled by Moscow and running independently from the classical internet structure.

At the centre of the project is the observation that root servers are based in the US and Russia, together with China, may be looking at breaking the US's stronghold on the Internet by getting its own root servers.

The official reason though is that Russian internet users are at risk of being phished by criminals using the PY top level domain - which is the Paraguayan TLD to commit their crime.

Adding another layer to the current Internet Structure though could ironically cause even more security, technical and administrative problems as everyone trying to access a Russian website or build a website targeting Russia, would need to setup a "bridge" first to do so.

Security Experts are also wary that isolating Russia's Internet from the rest of the world would make it even more opaque to whoever wants to track down Cybercriminals, many of whom, originates from Russian servers.

As for China, although it has expressed its interests to break away from the .Cn domain in ASCII code, the Chinese Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will be careful about disrupting a booming internet ecosystem.