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Sandisk announces WiFi enabled, Automatic Online Backup USB Drives

Beginning of January has been a particularly busy period for Storage Company Sandisk. It has announced a number of innovative products that will catch the eyes of storage geeks.

The first one is the new Sandisk (opens in new tab) Cruzer Titanium Plus USB flash drive which can automatically backup your information online using an application built by a startup called BeInSync.

As its name implies, the piece of software will sync all the data on the USB flash drive to the online storage space which is currently housed on Amazon's S3 storage service.

The Cruzer Titanium Plus also comes in a rugged, crush resistant metal case and has AES hardware data encryption inbuilt. In addition, it comes with two years of free lost-and-found service from Boomerangit which allows users to recover misplaced drives.

Unfortunately, while the USD 60 cost of the 4GB USB drive could be justified, the fact that the user has to pay USD 30 per year for the online storage service means that it might be better to wait for other alternatives to hit the market.

The other great piece of hardware released by Sandisk is called the Vaulter Disk which is a PCI-e card that slots into a motherboard (notebook motherboard for now) and on which the operating system can be installed.

This approach (opens in new tab), which is markedly different from Vista's Readyboost and Intel's Robson for example, provides with a nice compromise between performance, costs and storage capacity.

The end product is both faster than traditional spin-only hard drives and much cheaper than Solid State Disks.

Désiré Athow

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