Tiscali turns to Quadplay for revenue

In a bid to outgun its rivals, Tiscali has announced that it will relaunch the MVNO Toucan Mobile Brand, which it acquired last year following the purchase of Pipex and which runs on T-Mobile's network.

Italian Tiscali, UK's fourth largest ISP, aims at increasing its market share by providing an all-in-one service to its existing and prospective customers.

Toucan is already operating separately from Tiscali and the ISP is looking to consolidate both operations - Tiscali and Toucan both offer different broadband packages for example.

The Telegraph reports that Toucan Mobile has only 7000 customers and is set to join the other three services currently being sold to Tiscali subscribers.

Mary Turner, Tiscali chief executive, told The Telegraph: “The assessment is not if, it is who and when. The business case has already been approved by the board.”

Only Virgin media has been selling a Quad Play service until now, relying on Virgin Mobile to provide with the mobile service.

Tiscali's Triple Play starts at GBP 19.99 including VAT and Line Rental and Toucan's cheapest offer at GBP 7.50 per month for 100 minutes, means that a sub £30 Quad Play offer is within the realms of possibility by the end of the year.

Both O2 and Orange are also planning to add TV services by the end of the year.