New high capacity memory sticks signal end of USB drives?

With the forthcoming launch of Wireless USB, the days of standalone USB drives may be coming as mobile phones come with Wireless USB functionality.

Now Sony has announced that it is launching a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo which will be used by PSP owners to carry around a sizeable amount of PSP games.

Although the price of the memory stick will be quite high at launch, one can expect it to tumble down within a year or so.

4GB flash memory retails for around GBP 15 and it would not be surprising if 16GB are sold for twice that price by the end of the year.

The press release also states that "Users can store up to 110 minutes of high-definition video recorded in 1920 mode, almost 6 hours of HD video when shooting in 1440 LP mode, and more than 4000 still pictures in 10 Megapixel resolution."