Next generation PSP to come with Skype

Sony has announced that it would bundle the Skype client with its forthcoming PSP Slim and Light otherwise known as the PSP-2000.

This will allow PSP users to communicate freely with more than 250 million Skype registered users.

Skype communication offers noticeably better performance than traditional POTS-based phones and other IM (Instant Messaging) clients like MSN Messenger.

A new software update will allow PSP owners to join the global Skype community and it has been confirmed that PSP's official headset will be Skype compatible.

In addition, PSP users will also need to have a wireless internet connection and a Memory Stick Duo disk in order to connect to the Skype Network.

Sony had announced last year that it would offer a similar product, the PSP Go!Messenger service in January 2008, through a partnership with BT.

Skype's owner, Ebay, has been pushing hard to get deals which will increase the number of registered Skype users substantially.

The auction site has stuck deals with Mobile Network Operator Three as well as Social Network Giant, Myspace.

In related news, Sony has also announced a GPS module for the PSP which converts the portable gaming console into a Sat Nav Device complete with downloadable guides.