Google Joins Plaxo and Facebook to make Data more portable

Readwriteweb reports on the fact that Plaxo, Google and Facebook has joined the ranks of the DataPortability Workgroup; this is a major announcement as it paves the way to more collaboration between the social networking bigwigs.

Ironically, two of the new members of the DataPortability Workgroup had been involved a few days ago in a row over data transter, as celebrity tech blogger Robert Scoble - a member of the Dataportability workgroup - tried to use Plaxo's Pulse solution to download all his friends' details from Facebook - an attempt that ended with Scoble being barred from Facebook.

The release mentions that the workgroup is "actively working to create the 'DataPortability Reference Design' to document the best practices for integrating existing open standards and protocols for maximum interoperability."

The workgroup also includes representatives from the BBC, eHub, Yahoo and Robert Scoble himself.

It will also be very interesting to find out how this is going to impact on Google's Open Social platform.