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Indian woman charged with USD 12 million cyber theft

A former engineer with an Indian software solutions company, 3DPLM Software Solutions (opens in new tab), has been charged with transferring data from her company’s computer system just days before she left her job.

According to Indian newswire reports (opens in new tab), Anita Sharma, aged 26, worked as a computer engineer at 3DPLM, but passed on company information to her husband using an IBM email service.

Sharma has been remanded in police custody by magistrates after the company accused her of cyber theft to the tune of $12 million.

According to court officials, as an engineer at her firm, Sharma was given access to the source code of InterOp software, a French company with which 3DPLM was working on the development of software.

Police in Pune, who have confiscated two hard disks from her computer, allege that Sharma resigned just before the theft of the data started to come to light.

Since she allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement whilst at the firm, police say that she violated her contract, as well breaking the law, treading on the cracks in the pavement and all the other things (opens in new tab)they are planning to prosecure her for…