iPhone Trojan targets i-Jacked phones

Security firm Symantec have signalled the existence of a new breed of malicious packages that target iPhone users.

The iPhone, whose share of the Internet Surf Time is increasing every month, is set to become more than an interesting prospect for criminals.

The incriminated package is called "iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep", which was described as “An important system update. Install this before updating to the new 1.1.3 firmware.”

Although installing it doesn't seem to affect users, trying to uninstall it causes it to overwrite a collection of command-line utilities for the iPhone and OpenSSH.

Though this is technically the first iPhone Trojan, it hasn't been causing much trouble to users and as Orla Cox of Symantec added, this seems to be more of a prank rather than an actual, sizeable threat.

Still, the first worm as well as not intended to cause harm, but it spawned a generation of malware which has cause billions of pounds of damage through the years.

The rapid growth of iPhone market share coupled with the fact that security packages are almost inexistent for the iPhone makes it an altogether more attractive target for would-be hackers.