Panasonic launches 32GB SD card

Japanese Consumer Electronics giant, Panasonic, has unveiled a 32GB SD card which can store up to 5.5 hours of full HD video at 1080p.

The card, which is a class 6 data transmission model, is set to be a hit with prosumer camcorders supporting HD Video and high density SDHC cards.

With transfer rates of up to 20MBps, the card could also find its place as a Readyboost cache for Windows Vista computers.

The release comes a few hours after Sony had released a 16GB Memory Duo Stick.

The price of the 32GB SDHC card has not been disclosed although one can expect it to be around GBP 100 since 16GB models start from less than GBP 50.

It would also be interesting to see whether manufacturers are going to use those high capacity storage devices to bring a new range of SSDs to the market.

The 32GB SDHC card also paves the way for cheap SDHC-based Portable Media Players with much larger capacities than an iTouch.