Belkin shows Wireless HDMI device

Las Vegas CES 2008 saw the first ready-to-be launched Wireless HDMI device, capable of handling 1080p format, uncompressed using a MIMO-like solution.

The device, called Flywire, uses two separate chips to reach speeds in excess of 300MBps (yep folks, no typo here).

According to the Register, Belkin is using a proprietary wireless protocol rather than Wi-Fi and up to six sources can be connected to the transmitter.

Flywire uses the 5GHz band frequency which Trustedreviews say could be a potential issue as people migrate from 2.4GHz.

Both the transmitter and the receiver are integrated in the box and come with a bewildering array of connectors including two HDMI port and a SCART one.

The Flywire is expected to be launched in Summer 2008 with prices hovering between GBP 250 and GBP 300.