Carphone Warehouse launches more “free laptop” deals

Carphone Warehouse is pushing forward with more “free laptop” deals as reports of sluggish sales fail to undermine this promotion.

Carphone Warehouse has been giving away free Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop when purchasing a 24 months AOL 8mbps line broadband since last year and the company has done the same with a GBP 35 per month package which gives you access to Wireless Broadband courtesy of 3.

While the AOL fixed line broadband had a rather generous 40GB, the new package offers only 3GB of monthly data allowance with 200 texts and a free USB modem with a 18 months locked-in contract.

Dixons Store Group which also ran a similar promotion issued a profit warning last week saying that the free subsidised laptop promotion did not rake in enough sales despite heavy marketing campaigns.

Carphone Warehouse is also giving away free laptops with mobile phone contracts which start from GBP 35 per month for a 24 months contract.