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Facebook users getting hooked on Jetman

If you’re the wrong side of 30, then there’s a strong chance you’ll remember playing Jetman (opens in new tab)on the Sinclair Spectrum, BBC Model B or C64 in the 1980.

Well, the great news is that this addictive little game is now available online via Facebook (opens in new tab)and you get to challenge other users of the social networking site!

Isn’t that fun?

Well, kind of. It seems that around 10 per cent of the zillions of Facebook users are now playing this game, which is pretty simple, but illustrates the attraction of playing against other people (opens in new tab), especially your friends and colleagues.

Simeon Dorsey, aged 19, came up with the idea of Jetman, although he is quoted as saying he originally thought of beer pong, a boozey version of pong tennis, for Facebook.

There is a security dimension (opens in new tab)to interactive games on Facebook, though, as many of them use Java or ActiveX, which is a sure-fire way of infecting someone’s PC if you really want to.

Which illustrates the security issues that Facebook poses the PC using community. Mind you, it’s great fun, especially if you modify the program code… (opens in new tab)