Former OLPC CTO ponders on USD 75 notebook

Dr Mary Lou Jepsen who resigned from the beleaguered OLPC project two weeks ago revealed that she was embarking on an even more ambitious project to create and sell a USD 75 laptop.

The Former Chief Technology Officer of OLPC who is one of the inventor of the XO Laptop low powered display system, has launched a spun-out for-profit company called Pixel Qi which is also looking to "bring sunlight readable, low-cost and low-power screens into mainstream laptops, cellphones and digital cameras." and is currently at CES in Las Vegas.

Jepsen is a renowned expert in the field of optics and has been a pioneer in single-panel field-sequential projection display systems and liquid-crystal-on-silicon SoC devices.

The departure of Jepsen was an unexpected blow to the OLPC project, prompting comments that the project is on the verge of "sinking".

Shortly afterwards, Intel, where Jepsen previously worked as Intel's Display Division CTO and which had already started a rival project, left the project due to "philosophical differences".