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T-Mobile gives free Wi-Fi to web'n'walk customers

T-Mobile announces the integration of its web’n’walk price plan with its UK network of Wi-Fi HotSpots to offer its customers the best mobile data network, with access to broadband on the go at unbeatable prices.

The largest provider of public Wi-Fi in the world, T-Mobile is the first UK Mobile Broadband operator to offer access to a Wi-Fi network as part of a mobile broadband price plan.

Starting at £12.50 per month (when connecting with a Flext mobile contract), the service gives you access to the internet through using your laptop.

Additionally, it lets you access the Wi-Fi network on a huge range of locations like Starbucks coffee shops, airports, main-line train stations, service stations and hundreds of other locations in the UK, without paying extra to connect to wireless hotspots.

Without T-Mobile’s web’n’walk price plan, access to Wi-Fi costs from £5 for 60 minutes (one off or occasional access), £10 per month for subscription or £20 per month for those without a T-Mobile phone.

A new deal means T-Mobile and 3 will integrate their 3G radio access networks (the mobile masts and the infrastructure that connects to each operator’s core network), creating Europe’s most extensive HSDPA network.

This will lead to almost complete population coverage for 3G services across Britain by the end of 2008 with significant fill in and improvement to dense urban in-building coverage in 2009.

The network collaboration will accelerate the take up of high-speed mobile broadband services.

O2 is already offering free wireless Cloud access with its iPhone contracts already.

Désiré Athow

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