Cisco prepares Social Networking Onslaught

In the past three years, Cisco has acquired Scientific-Atlanta, Kiss Technology and Linksys for more than USD 7.4 bn and is poised to announced a solution for the home market which could seriously undermine Microsoft's and Apple's hegemony.

ITWire says that "Cisco has for weeks now been letting information trickle out about its Entertainment Operating System (EOS), but it's rather more than an operating system: it's a software-as-a-service platform that enables content owners to easily distribute and monetise their content, and it's prompting leading commentators to ask if Cisco could be the next Facebook."

According to the Wall Street Journal (via, "Cisco plans to host the software on its own servers, charging companies a monthly fee to use it. This is a new business model for Cisco, but one the company has gotten familiar with through its acquisition of the collaboration technology provider WebEx."

Although that this is unchartered territories for Cisco, "This is not something we are going to walk away from," said Mike Kisch, Cisco's Consumer Marketing Director as reported by The Register. "This is not a peripheral initiative for us. The key message now is we are already deeply entrenched in this space and beginning to raise our profile."