First Trojan for the iPhone

Interesting to see the newswires making a song and dance about the first Trojan for the iPhone, a proof of concept piece of malware that reportedly poses as a firmware update for the mobile handset.

What’s really intriguing is that the only punters that could - as I understand it - install the malware are those that have unlocked their mobiles from their relevant airtime provider.

Those punters that stay on the straight and narrow wouldn’t be able to install the malware, since Apple’s `regular’ software only allows the installation of approved applications.

Myself, I doubt that many people will install the malware, even though it doesn’t really do anything nasty to the average iPhone.

Apple, meanwhile, claims that all the Web sites hosting the malware have been identified and removed.

The storm in a teacup does highlight the fact that the iPhone is actually a microcomputer in its own right, so I think you’re going to see more malware in short order for this popular mobile platform.

The tipping point, though, will be when the malware is capable of disguising itself as an approved third-party application, and that can only happen when (and if) Apple ships its software development kit for the iPhone…