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Hackers start attacking BitTorrent users

It seems there’s a bit of an underground war (opens in new tab) going on between a group of hackers and the BitTorrent community, who many die-hard Netters view as a leeches on the global Internet.

A group of hackers calling themselves Scene are claiming to have compromised Feedthe.Net (opens in new tab), a BitTorrent tracker site, with the hacker group releasing a text file containing intimate personal details about one of the site’s administrators.

The text file - known as an NFO file in BitTorrent circles - is reportedly signed by someone called `CELLkiLL’ with a note that the hacker group is “destroying the P2Ps, One Step at a Time.”

The TorrentFreak Web portal (opens in new tab) reckons that FeedThe.Net is the second indexing site to be hit by the hacker group, after Ersan, the sysop of the SuperTorrents Web portal, was hit by hackers late last year.

That hack is also said to have resulted in the theft of around $2,000 from the SuperTorrents’ Paypal account.

Nasty stuff eh?

I must confess I’m surprised at this in-fighting on the hacker/BitTorrent community, as I would have thought the vitriol should have been directed at organisations such as the RIAA. (opens in new tab)

But what do I know?…