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Over half of UK businesses now utilise IP telephony

Extreme Networks and Data Integration announced the results of the first annual voice and video over IP customer satisfaction survey.

The survey, of UK businesses with 500+ employees, found that 58.8% of companies now run IP telephony on their LAN, whereas only 32.1% run IP video technologies.

Results point to a growing need for market education into the host of benefits of running a modern converged network.

Additional findings from the joint survey, undertaken by Extreme Advanced Solutions Partner (EASP) Data Integration, across the summer included:
* 88.2% of the UK businesses to have implemented VoIP solutions were happy with the deployment
* An additional 27.2% of UK businesses are expected to implement VoIP solutions in the next three years
* Whilst only 32.1% of UK companies currently have IP video running, 85% are happy with their deployment
* 43.2% of UK companies fail to see any clear benefits of IP video solutions

“Whilst the advantages of converged networks for voice applications are apparent to most business, it appears that there is a significant lack of understanding when it comes to the benefits of video in the enterprise,” explains Extreme Networks Regional Director, UK and Ireland, Paul Phillips. “This could be down to the false start caused by early, and expensive, video solutions or the lack of understanding of its future benefits. What is clear, however is that it is the industry’s responsibility to assist corporates in considering all of the business advantages in deploying and maintaining a highly available converged network.”

“Now is the time to be thinking about your IP-readiness if you're considering making any changes to your voice system or LAN. You need to ensure that the changes you make now will be part of a sustainable, ongoing communications strategy and that you're not walking down a technology black hole,” comments Data Integration Managing Director, Garath Lauder.

Extreme Networks innovative open network architecture delivers meaningful insight and unprecedented control for converged networks that support voice, video and data over wired and wireless infrastructures. Extreme Networks solutions directly address the business objectives driving the change from legacy Time Division Multiplex (TDM) systems to engaged network IP Telephony solutions and excel at delivering organisation-wide availability, manageability, security, and excellent voice quality under the harshest network conditions.

“Extreme Networks is committed to building the most effective network infrastructure for applications. Our customers choose Extreme because its networks are simpler to build, less expensive to maintain, and offer the performance and reliability needed for today's emerging applications such as voice and video,” adds Lauder.

Désiré Athow

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