Even Fiji isn’t safe from organised credit card fraud

Interesting to see that six men have been arrested in Fiji and charged with Visa card fraud.

The case, one the largest of its type in Fijian history, alleges that two local Chinese nationals, two men from Hong Kong and two Malaysians, used forged Visa cards to purchase duty free items from outlets in Suva, Sigatoka and Nadi.

What’s interesting about the case is that, despite what you might think, Fiji has a highly reliable card authorisation system, owing to the fact that the islands generate a lot of their revenue from the tourist trade.

Perhaps the fraudsters overlooked this modest fact?

Police in Fiji, meanwhile, say that they expect to charge more people in connection with the fraud, which apparently includes allegations that false companies were set up to claim thousands of dollars in VAT refunds from the country’s treasury.

Hmm - sounds like a variant on the so-called carousel VAT frauds that were popular amongst criminals in the UK just a few years ago…