Hackers offer fake Microsoft Update through Myspace

Security Firm McAfee reports that criminals are using hacked Myspace Profile to disseminate a Trojan malicious code.

The Trojan, known as TFactory, has been used since the end of December 2006 according to Dave Marcus, a security research manager from McAfee.

Hackers have been using Myspace to display Fake Microsoft Updates in order to con victims into downloading TFactory onto their computer and although the attack has been deemed minor, McAfee has not found any similar pages yet.

Myspace accounts were obtained and used probably through phishing, unbeknown to their users and this goes to prove that although Myspace remains secure, individual pages can still be compromised.

The security firm also urged punters to get the latest copy of Microsoft's Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool which was released last Tuesday and which will allow users to get rid of malware to some extent.